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      2-Player Card Games, etc.

      gin rummy play cash games Gin Rummy
      cribbage play cash games Cribbage
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      chess play money games Chess
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      spades play cash games Spades
      pool 8-ball play cash games 8-ball Pool
      pool 9-ball play cash games 9-ball Pool

     Other Arcade, Card Games

      solitaire play money games Solitaire
      free cell play cash games FreeCell
      rush-21 (777) icon Rush-21
      poker play cash games Poker-Rush
      lines play money games Lines-Collapse
      pharaoh (collapse) play cash games Pharaoh's
      mahjong solitaire play money games Mahjong
      pool-rush play arcade cash games Pool-Rush
      aqua-rush play arcade cash games Aqua-Rush
      darts play online cash games Darts
      buckman play online cash games Buckman
      pyramids play money games Pyramids

    Gin Rummy Rules
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    Spades card game -- rules

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    Featured Games
    Pyramids or Tri-Peak Pyramids is an exciting card game featuring lively animations based on ancient Egyptian themes. Clear the Pyramids by clicking cards that are 1 point higher or 1 point lower than the 'open' card next to the deck. Suits are irrelevant. Play for fun or use your skills to play for $ money prizes!       ...more... Card Solitaire Play Solitaire for fun or use your skill to win $tickets! In solitaire, you need to use all cards to build up the 4 suit stacks in ascending order starting with the aces. 7 row stacks in the bottom area serve as an intermediate staging area for building the 4 suit stacks.       ...more...
    BlackJack Rush-21 solitaire BlackJack Rush-21 Solitaire is a solitaire-like game of skill with a familiar 21-twist played against other real players competing for Top Score. In BlackJack Rush-21, you need to get the Top Score by clearing 4 columns with as many 21's as possible in the shortest time possible - each clearing gives you 50 points.       ...more... Poker-Rush solitaire In Poker-Rush solitaire, you need to achieve a high score by assembling and scoring multiple poker hands from two decks of cards. You can elect to score each hand on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd draw.   ...more...
    Pharaoh's treasure Pharaoh's Treasure is a Collapse-style game. You need to score as many points as possible by collapsing vertical or horizontal groups of 3 or more similar tiles. You can swap adjacent tiles to form a group of 3 or more similar tiles horizontally or vertically.       ...more... Mahjong solitaire Mahjong solitaire is a game where you need to clear the playing area of tiles by matching pairs of certain tiles. Remove only those matching pairs of tiles where each tile has at least one side (left or right) free and no other tiles placed on top.       ...more...
    Darts Darts is an old barroom favorite game that can now be played online! In Darts, a player throws rounds of three darts and the sum of these darts gets subtracted from the starting number of 501. The game is over when the the number becomes exactly zero.       ...more... Buckman Buckman is a Pacman-like game where players earn points by having their BuckMan eat as many yellow dots and bonus Dollars as possible while avoiding the Red Monsters.       ...more...
    Lines-Collapse Lines-Collapse is a Collapse-like engaging game of skill with lively animations. Players try to keep their board as free of incoming balls as possible for the duration of the game. A player can moves existing balls to form lines of 4 or more balls of the same color vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Lines of 4 or more balls of the same color explode and points are scored. The longer the exploded line of balls, the more points will be scored.       ...more... Freecell Freecell is a solitaire-like game where all cards are needed to build up the 4 home cells in ascending order starting with the aces. Free 4 cells can be used as temporary staging areas for just 1 card at a time.       ...more...
    Pool-Rush Pool Rush is a single-player billiard-style game. A player needs to score as many points as possible by dropping balls into pockets. Pool Rush features 2 rounds or levels. There are nine numbered balls (1-9) in the first round and fifteen balls in the second round.       ...more... Aqua-Rush Aqua Rush is another exciting Collapse-like game with an ocean theme, underwater bombs and other animations. You need to score as many points as possible by collapsing the groups of 2 or more adjacent sea-creatures.       ...more...

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