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    Gin Rummy -- Game Strategy and Some Math

    Gin Rummy Rules | Online Gin is More Secure than Offline Gin | Play Gin Rummy Online |

    Use Strategy and Mathematics to Play Gin Rummy

    Out of all rummy games Gin Rummy is the game where the skill factor is of paramount importance. The reasons for that are
    Winning in the game of gin rummy will be much easier, if you review the strategy tips presented below.

    Gin Rummy Statistics that Always Hold True:

    • In the Gin Rummy game there are 52 three-card melds of three of a kind -- three queens, three tens, and so on.
    • There are 44 melds of three cards of the same suit in sequence 4-5-6 of spades, jack-queen-king of diamonds, and so on .
    • Once you have a three-card meld, it is twice less likely to extend three of a kind than to extend a sequence.
    • Most of squence melds can be extended on either side, but three of a kind can only be added-on in one way. A sequence meld of four cards can grow to five or more, but four cards of equal rank have no further possibilities.

    From the start of the game it is best to discard a card ranking one or two away and in a different split to the one discarded by your opponent. For instance, if your opponent's first discard is the 6 of diamonds, then 5 or 7 of clubs, spades or hearts is probably your best bet.

    If your hand does not contain any of the former cards, discard a card of rank equal to the one that your opponent has previously dis carded (i.e. the 6 of spades). Statistically there are only four possibilities that an equal-rank card can be used against you.

    An important skill for a good gin rummy player is good memory -- memorize all the possible melds in a hand. You also need be able to figure the chances for your two-of-a-kind sequences. Think about your own resources and strategy f irst, then worry about what your opponent is plotting. Try to deduce what is in your opponent's hand. This way you won't give any good cards away an d you also won't be holding cards for an unlikely meld.

    The seven is the most valuable card in the deck when it is time for forming melds. The seven can be used to make melds in more ways than any other card.

    Your Winning chances will improve if you:

    More Notes on Strategy

    In online gin rummy observe your opponent's discards and see which of your discards he picks up. Memorize all discards. This will allow you to deduce the structure of opponent's hand.

    It is ill-dvisable to go all out for the gin hand. The bonus of 25 is not enough to compensate for the times when you should have knocked.

    Usually a game ends at half-deck to two.thirds of stack, so try to knock in the first part of the deck.

    It is usually better to draw a deck card than an upcard. This way your opponent is in the dark about the card that you got from the deck. Also taking an upcard means taking a card that your opponent does not need. If you draw from deck you may pick up a card that your opponent needs for a gin hand.

    There is an exception to the rule: pick the upcard when it can help you meld two other cards, thus eliminating some deadwood from the start. If you can knock right after that, more power to you.

    When you believe that your opponent is about to knock, (when more than half the deck is gone, etc), it may be better to take a low upcard and throw a high-value deadwood.

    It is good practice to keep high-ranking pairs and 2-card sequences acquired early in the online game with the hope that your online opponent will discard a matching 3d card. It is also a good idea to delay discarding high-ranking non-paired unmatched deadwood until later in the game to stop the other player from creating high-ranking melds.

    WHen arranging your melds after knocking, it is better to attach a card to a set of 4 rather than a sequence (provided both are possible.) This way you stop your online opponent from laying off his deadwood against it, attaching to your meld.

    Until half-deck moment is reached, keep the high-value potential unmelded combinations (such as Jack plus King of Hearts hoping for the Queen of Hearts). After the half-deck, get rid of such cards ASAP. Make sure that your high card discards are not picked up bu your opponent.

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